Benefits of Fleet Management Tracking

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Any company that depends on vehicles as part of its workforce will benefit by installing fleet management tracking devices. These can be as simple as a GPS vehicle tracking system that works by satellite tracking to show the controller where each vehicle is at any given time. Naturally, it also helps the driver to take the best and quickest route for his deliveries, yet it can do so much more than that.

GPS fleet tracking will save the company time and costs. Not only can the controller see which trucks are where at any time, it allows them to contact truck or van that is the nearest to a specified pick up point so that the driver can pick up the parcels closest to them. But there are remote features to many GPS fleet tracking systems.

Being able to remotely lock a vehicle and prevent the motor from starting, or gradually slowing a vehicle down and stopping it by remote control are excellent safety features that can save lives or help a driver out in a dangerous situation. If a vehicle is stolen while the driver is out of it, he can simply click his device and disable the vehicle to prevent it from being driven away.

Or if a GPS tracking system in on board a car or van and it is stolen, the police will be able to follow it no matter where it goes. Most thieves do not realise that there is a tracking system on board and so will not know they are being tracked. The use of such systems will not only help in many ways to keep vehicle and driver safer, but it will reduce the insurance as insurance companies view them in a favourable light. Thus it can be seen that installing such a system is really a cost saving strategy with many benefits.

Using the Mix Telematics In Vehicle Monitor (IVM), over the past decade Intellifleet have developed reports, events, scoring systems, live driver and management feed, back to build a monitoring and tracking system that will make a significant difference to an organisations bottom line.

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Benefits of Fleet Management Tracking

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This article was published on 2011/03/26